New Publisher & EBook - Ebook and Bookstore Synergy?

We are now working with a new EBook publisher, Spirehouse Books. Spirehouse specializes in Science Fiction and Fantasy for both young adult and adult readers, and provides their content in three different formats, for e-reading across multiple devices - including the Amazon Kindle!

What is especially intriguing to us - "us" being an mostly analog, old-school bookstore - is that Spirehouse offers brick-and-morter bookstores a discounted rate on their EBooks.  The book we are currently featuring, Artemis Rising, is available in-store for $2.99, but the price on Amazon; iTunes; Spirehouse's website; etc.; is $6.99.  We have a placard in the store with the cover of the book and a description of the story - much like a physical book has - and if the customer wants to buy the book, we sell them an activation card with a unique number (garnering the customer the discounted "in-store" rate of $2.99) for use on Spirehouse's website.

We think there is some good synergy going on here: a small publishing house like Spirehouse can get their EBooks placed in a physical location, thereby extending their exposure beyond the web; we can sell EBooks in our store immediately, without having to direct customers to our website; finally, our customers benefit by receiving a discounted rate when shopping with us, not to mention finding out about new EBooks and publishing houses without going on the web.   
Spirehouse's website:  http://www.spirehousebooks.com/
Artemis Rising listing:  http://www.spirehousebooks.com/item_description.php?IID=52
Artemis Rising Promo Video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dl9bFVQUj2E


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