Reflections of a Bookstore Cat - Turkey edition

my great-great-great grandfather, Moses (Henry) Fletcher,  that came over on the Mayflower.

Happy Thanksgiving

Just a quick little blog for the holiday.

I've decided to give my top 5 list of things I'm thankful for, here they are:

1. A roof over my head!

2. Books to lay on and around (and lick when the mood strikes me)

3. My humans that take care of me.

having a laugh at my expense more than likely, I still love them though.
4. The food and water they put in my bowl

5. A best friend

Don't forget to spread the cheer around if you have some to spare. Enjoy the holidays, but enjoy the company you keep even more. 

P.S. if anyone has any turkey that is just lying around I'm pretty sure I can find a good home for it. Just getting the word out.


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