No Self Help. Well...maybe one.

Life is a Verb: 37 Days to Wake up, Be mindful, and Live Intentionally, by Patti Digh

I don't read self-help books. They're endless, the whole process
is endless, I suspect. But this one was so brightly-colored, full
of collages and photos and quotations and diversions. I started it,
and couldn't put it down. Okay, and my daughter made me read it.

It's hilarious, and really insightful. You can't go through it without smiling, without getting teary-eyed. And she has this four-year old sweetie who continually steals the show (part Keystone Kop, part enlightened soul). Anyway, it all comes down to the little, everyday things, we know that. But because of this book, now whenever we see a bus, any old bus, my whole family says, WOWWWWW!!!!

(And Patti's new book, Creative is a Verb, is just out!)

- Reviewed by Pepper

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