A Day in the Life of a Bookstore Cat

by Henry
getting ready to start my blog

 So I've decided that I need to expand my horizons. Like any 21st century bookstore cat would do, I'm starting a blog. I see a lot here at Vintage Books, I've spent quite a bit of time perusing the shelves and boning up on my vocabulary, so I think I'm ready. I mean it's great being the book store cat, don't get me wrong. I rule this place. It was so nice of my humans to build me my own shelter and then fill it with books for me. They come everyday to hang out with me and pet me and give their thanks that I'm such a kind and generous cat. I've got huge bay windows so I can see all the things that are going on out there in the real world.

 I have a buddy who isn't quite as social, but when the lights go out he really does know how to cut loose.

my buddy Dickens. Good Pic cat!

I've got a couple of humans that are o.k., they pick me up and move me around a bunch. They also fill up my food and water bowls, so no complaints really.

just some humans that I boss around

My home is pretty great

one of my favorite spots

also, one of my favorite spots

 It's a little early to mention anything of note yet, I've had a couple of people come in and visit, but I'm really hoping for that perfect storm of a long line at the counter and me parked right by the door so they can all pay their respects as they walk in and out. If anything of interest happens I'll let you know. For now I'm going to lay down in the corner with this guy....

...cause if Dewey can have a book, Henry can have a blog.

Talk to you soon,


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