The Reflections of a Bookstore Cat

By Henry

I have an idea. Let's say you have a favorite store, like a book store, that you love to go visit because they have a great selection of books but also because one of the most handsome creatures on this here green earth resides there. Well I've decided, that if the main draw for that bookstore is ME

(handsome creature)
then maybe the store should be called:


Or maybe


or even


and then maybe  in little letters we can put:

and we sell books!!!

if there is enough room.  I know that there are a lot of book lovers out there, maybe almost as many of them as cat lovers, but I've got to believe that more people are searching for Henry on their GPS or google or whatever people use to find me. So I'm going to leave the bosses a post-it

We'll see if those humans get the hint. In the meantime here's the latest in the bookstore news:

My humans made a beautiful new window display for me to sit in

when I'm feeling blue, I go to my red room

I've been told that its primary color is red, but all I see is a grayish purple. Those humans must be colorblind.  

Also, because I've been known to be such a hip cat, a beatnik if you will, they've set me up my own table full of some of my favorite beat generation authors. I'm hoping I have enough time to finish reading them all before they get purchased by some hipster.....

my favorite is "Cat's Cradle" by Vonnegut, of course

And Dickens just told me that he's too cute not to be in at least one picture on my blog, so whatever. Since I have to live with him I might as well keep him happy. Here is your obligatory Dickens centerfold:
I told him to try to act natural and no showboating, this is what I got. 

And that's all this week. Again thanks for reading and please come in to visit when you have a chance. If I'm not too busy, I'll come out and say hello. For now I'm off to my bag of bags for a well deserved cat nap.

Kitty Ciao,


p.s. Dickens doesn't know I'm posting this pic, but here is what he usually looks like

who's a crazy kitty? ME! hahahaha



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