Oh my Gluten! (Free)

Great Gluten-Free Baking: Over 80 Delicious Cakes and Bakes
by Louise Blair

I am not gluten-free, but I have many friends who are, and I end up eating many gluten-free items. Turns out I enjoy gluten-free food and after checking out Louise Blair's new book, Great Gluten-Free Baking, I would not hesitate to give Louise Blair's book to any of them for Christmas. The book is well laid out, with a picture of the baked good on one page and, on the other, a well formatted easy-to-read recipe. There are a bunch of bread and biscuit recipes, so the book isn't strictly desserts, which is nice. The Nutty Seed Loaf looks particularly good, as does the Pecan Pie - my favorite kind of pie!

And here is the seed loaf I was talking about.


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