Mother's Day

I recently received a text from a nearby big-box store, suggesting that for $64.99 I could purchase a gorgeous bouquet for Mom, for Mother's Day. "Oh, lovely," I thought to myself. "Those might last a week, then they'd start to droop and then deposit their petals all over the dining room table. Do I really want my mother to spend the week cleaning up after my gift?"

But hold on...what if - instead of buying Mom a bunch of soon-to-be-rotten vegetation - I bought her BOOKS instead! There's an idea. She could keep them forever; or share them with friends; or bring them into Vintage Books to trade in for other books later on.

Oh, my goodness, that is a smart move.

The following are some great gift ideas that match that Big Box Store's $65 weed bundle.

Let's kick it off with $65 worth of kids books: new and used! A few classics, a few board books; some stickers; 20 items in all!

Gardening; crafts; herbs; card-making; baking chocolate; sewing; quilting - man, so many things to create and accomplish with this bundle of fun!

How about some Literature? Or some science, with the mind-bending, always interesting Malcolm Gladwell? His books are guaranteed to intrigue. Or the so, so popular Forgotten Garden. So many books clubs are reading or have read this one. And magazines! Vintage Books has so many darn magazines to choose from it hurts!

What if she's into older magazines, ephemera, rare stuff in plastic bags?! We've got that, too. Elizabeth Taylor on the cover of Look. See. Old Better Homes and Gardens. These are collector's items.

Oscar Wilde's most famous play. A classic of wit, intelligence, and sophistication. This Easton Press is a collectible, red leather bound wonderful item for those interested in plays.

16 paperbacks!!! How can you go wrong with this, Darn it! That's like 64 hours worth of reading right there. Keep your mom out of your hair for 2.67 days straight. Add on the time it takes to sleep, shower, eat, go to work, and you've got like 4 weeks worth of mother- being-occupied time with this great gift.

But seriously, this beautiful book of poetry by Tess Gallagher & Jakucho Setouchi will mean a lot to the mom in your life. It's an accordion-style masterpiece, limited edition, in a slipcase. It's an art piece. And at 30 dollars, you'll have money left over to spend on a windsurfing lesson for yourself, or for bowling a few games, or some sausages, or whatever else you want to spend all the leftover loot on.

Mother's Day.
A Time to Celebrate Great Savings and Value.

-Vintage Books


We Have Arrived!

Vintage Books is now selling dog toys.

We have: a floppy frog; a bone that floats; a teddy bear (not pictured); Tux (a strange shaped rubbed toy that bounces around); and various chews. The rubber-like chews are 100% recyclable.

We guarantee that your dog will at least look at them.


Some new Stuff on our Shelves w/ Spring

It is quite a sunny day today. Of course, all Debbie wants to do is play with the paper cutter. Typical.

We just received a large shipment of these Puffin Classics. Wonderful stories in super cute covers!

Debbie bought some books that have stuffed animal tie-ins. I like the dino and the bear.

We have TONS of Spot right now!

Our front table is also stuffed with new books!