New Publisher & EBook - Ebook and Bookstore Synergy?

We are now working with a new EBook publisher, Spirehouse Books. Spirehouse specializes in Science Fiction and Fantasy for both young adult and adult readers, and provides their content in three different formats, for e-reading across multiple devices - including the Amazon Kindle!

What is especially intriguing to us - "us" being an mostly analog, old-school bookstore - is that Spirehouse offers brick-and-morter bookstores a discounted rate on their EBooks.  The book we are currently featuring, Artemis Rising, is available in-store for $2.99, but the price on Amazon; iTunes; Spirehouse's website; etc.; is $6.99.  We have a placard in the store with the cover of the book and a description of the story - much like a physical book has - and if the customer wants to buy the book, we sell them an activation card with a unique number (garnering the customer the discounted "in-store" rate of $2.99) for use on Spirehouse's website.

We think there is some good synergy going on here: a small publishing house like Spirehouse can get their EBooks placed in a physical location, thereby extending their exposure beyond the web; we can sell EBooks in our store immediately, without having to direct customers to our website; finally, our customers benefit by receiving a discounted rate when shopping with us, not to mention finding out about new EBooks and publishing houses without going on the web.   
Spirehouse's website:  http://www.spirehousebooks.com/
Artemis Rising listing:  http://www.spirehousebooks.com/item_description.php?IID=52
Artemis Rising Promo Video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dl9bFVQUj2E



Hello All,

We're happy to be participating in this year's Banned Books Week Virtual Read-Out! 

 The Read-Out gives people the opportunity to be recorded reading from their favorite banned or challenged book.  All the videos are viewable at Banned Book Week's youtube site: http://www.youtube.com/bannedbooksweek

On OurGoodStore blog, we are featuring those individuals that stopped by Vintage Books to do a reading.  Thanks to all of them for participating!

Jemeshia reads from A Scary Story Treasury

Sarah Reads from Little House on the Prairie

Mark reads from The Sorcerer's Stone


Peace and Justice Fair Recap

I originally got excited about doing this fair because I knew we have SO MUCH material that would find an audience there, many books that don’t get much attention unless someone is looking for them specifically.  For example, books from our black history section, or sociology, gay studies, women’s spirituality, and even politics.  I knew we had good books to show. In the end we took books from all these sections and more, and some magazines.

The broad mix of causes that came out for "Peace & Justice" was really
inspiring--Christians & Muslims, Fair Trade organizations, Veterans for
Peace, Animal Rights groups, the NAACP, and various human rights groups--the whole spectrum.  It felt right to be there, and there was a
nice comraderie among the participants.  This is something we'll think about doing next year...

-Pepper Parker


Hello All,

We are going to have a booth at the Vancouver Peace & Justice Fair tomorrow (Sept. 10, 2011).

We'll have everything from green living, to history, to animal rights, to spirituality.

Please stop by if you can. We'd love to see you! We are there from 9-5:00 PM this Saturday (9.10.11)

p.s. The Farmer's Market will be open, and there will be lots of food and live music all day long.


Vintage Books