Reflections of a Book Store Cat - New Years Edition


             I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are well rested and ready to tackle the upcoming year. It's going to be a doozy from what I hear. I've been  working on my resolutions and have come up with a few that should be fairly easy to stick to. Maybe you can get some ideas to add to your own list.

1. Be patient and kind to otters.

I heard some folks talking about this to their little ones a few days ago. I do think it's a little odd that the saying requests of me to be kind to some sort of sea ferret that I don't think has ever been in my store, but in any case I don't think anyone would find me guilty of not doing this and it can be applied to all aspects of life.

Me being kind to others...

 Not just otters, but others as well. However even I get in my moods. I have always tried to take the high road, be it if the humans are demanding to much of me or Dickens is standing in front of BOTH the food bowls like he owns the things. I have been known to go cry (meow?) in a corner. Sometimes right in front of the door. So I'll work on that, but if an otter shows up with an attitude, well, I can't promise anything.

2. Stay out of the way

I am apparently the king of getting in the way. It is not something that I intentionally do. It's just that these humans can't make up their mind where they are going to stand, or work, or walk. I try to park myself in the most inconspicuous places...

inconspicuous place #1

inconspicuous place #2

inconspic...oh forget it. I give up.
.....but it never fails, eventually one of those two legged giants will want to do something right where I'm laying.

3. Get the basket up and running for the new year.

I have been trying for years to get this thing running and I think this is the year I slap some wheels on her and finally get on the open road....

I think it may be the alternator

4. Get Dickens to be more social and come out of his shell

It's no secret that there are more picture of the Loch Ness Monster than there are of Dickens, the ever elusive black kitty that is said to inhabit the vast uncharted depths of Vintage Books. I can not promise that these pictures weren't photo shopped, only that they were not photo shopped by me (I am a cat after all).

Early one morning, a rare glimpse is caught before disappearing to the murky depths

The murky depths
So that's a few things to work on. I hope that everyone has a happy New Year and don't forget to come visit me to see how all these resolutions are coming along. Till next time --