Reflections of a Bookstore Cat - Turkey edition

my great-great-great grandfather, Moses (Henry) Fletcher,  that came over on the Mayflower.

Happy Thanksgiving

Just a quick little blog for the holiday.

I've decided to give my top 5 list of things I'm thankful for, here they are:

1. A roof over my head!

2. Books to lay on and around (and lick when the mood strikes me)

3. My humans that take care of me.

having a laugh at my expense more than likely, I still love them though.
4. The food and water they put in my bowl

5. A best friend

Don't forget to spread the cheer around if you have some to spare. Enjoy the holidays, but enjoy the company you keep even more. 

P.S. if anyone has any turkey that is just lying around I'm pretty sure I can find a good home for it. Just getting the word out.



Holiday Treats Blog: Post #1

The holidays are an especially lovely time to shop local! And because our customers are so conscious of this, we here at Vintage Books have been working for months getting the store ready for the holiday season: not only do we have our usual stock of new and used books, but we now have a wide selection of other items that make for great gifts, from gourmet tea to chocolate to calendars.

We'll be updating this blog frequently through the holidays to feature some wonderful gift ideas, so keep checking in!

Looking for a gift for a younger child? Nothing like a picture book to ignite the love of reading! 

Calendars--just in time for the New Year!

Book Boxes: for the person who wants to look like they read really good books. Also a hiding place!
Any animal lovers in your life?
We're just full of ideas! Thanks for visiting!


Reflections of a Bookstore Cat

By Henry

Let us talk about something that everyone and thing in the world experiences. Getting old.

I see a lot of people walk through these doors and some of the sweetest folks are the ones that I can keep up with. The slow walkers as I like to call them.

Mingling with the slow walkers

 I never have to worry about them chasing me around the store or picking me up too rough. They are so gentle and are always so happy to see me, usually they will find a chair to sit in and let me hop in their lap for some loving.

This is not to say that I don't appreciate the young ones as well. They are usually happy and smiling all the time. They may pet me a little rough sometimes, but I know their intentions are gentle.
These young ones were really gentle

 The  energy they emit is often contagious, as are their meow's. Anytime I hear a loud human "meow" anywhere in the store I'm drawn to it and have to go investigate. Normally what I find is a little bundle in a basket
See, that's what belongs in a basket

 or someone's arms (right where I am supposed to be, no hard feelings) and I do my best to comfort them by rubbing against legs or clawing at couches and rugs. It calms me down, why wouldn't it work for others?

Now I'm no spring chicken, or cat as the saying should go, but I'm in good shape. My owners give me glucosamine for my joints, but otherwise I'm medication free.

I stay on top of my health and medical care

 Not bad for a fifteen year old going on sixteen. I may sleep a lot, but what right minded creature doesn't want to sleep a lot? Celebrate your age, embrace the years of experience you have or will have, and never forget we are all on the same trip. Be it the starting line or the finish, the road is shared by all. And they're off.....

Dickens tends to be a bit of a hypochondriac

“It`s not how old you are, it`s how you are old.”
Jules Renard