The theme of today's blog is cats, inspired by this picture sent in by Karla Von Huben:

This is Zeek, and he sits like a human.

Zeek's cat-friend, Frankie, probably thinks that Zeek is kind of ridiculous when he sits like a person but is too nice to say anything. This is Frankie:

And since we're showing off cats in various positions today, here is my (Katie's) Meiko-kitten, upside-down:

And our Dickens snuggling his pet lion:

And of course handsome Henry, who needs no further description:



A Message from NIWA, The Northwest Independent Writers Association:

We don't have to tell you: writing is hard. And getting published, even harder. But you're not alone. There are hundreds of other struggling writers just like you, trying to break into the ranks of the elite professionals. The Northwest Independent Writers Association is a group of Pacific Northwest authors of all types and all levels of professional achievement, dedicated to helping each other be the best writers they can be.

We hold regular monthly meetings, which are open to anyone interested in the group. We're a friendly bunch, and we're entirely open to new people dropping by. Occasionally, we also do group activities such as conventions, signings, and anthologies. If you're interested, check out our forum, our Twitter, our Facebook, or send us an email.


Following up the success of NIWA’s first Spec-Fic anthology, Magic to Mayhem, the Northwest Independent Writers Association is now open to submissions for the 2012 Speculative Fiction Anthology.

The 2012 anthology will feature stories with strong connections to the Pacific Northwest, past, present, or future. All submissions should include elements of the Pacific Northwest that are central to the story; whether through plot, setting, or characters, the story must contain strong ties to the Pacific Northwest to be considered for inclusion in the anthology.

Deadline for submissions is April 30th, 2012.

Please check out this link for more details:



Check out AbeBooks' catalog of bookstore cats residing in independent bookstores across the US & Canada. Henry & Dickens aren't included but this one sort of looks like Dickens.