Reflections of a Bookstore Cat - Sunshine Edition

Heaven is a sun beam.
Being an indoor cat, you would think that the weather outside doesn't mean that much to me. However, you would be mistaken and I would probably ask that you no longer lump me in with whatever other indoor cats you know. Sunner is the best, (I'm not really sure who came up with the name Summer seeing as it's bright and warm. Must have been a mathematician. Sunner makes much more sense to this cat.)  The windows become the ultimate cat spot for all my watching/napping/sunbathing needs.Also, the floor is lacking the moisture that always follows people's footsteps when they come in on a normal northwestern day. The days get longer, which means more quality window time and more daylight to lounge in. The only drawback is that my internal (eternal?) eating clock gets thrown off, so I have to rely more on my humans to keep track of that.

I also notice that my buddy Dickens is a lot more friendly, maybe we need to get him a sun lamp for the off season. 

 Whatever it may be, the sun always brings out the playful side in me.

Me at my most playful!
  So in honor of it warming up, here are some pictures of some of my buddies cooling down.

What's empty to a human is perfect for a cat

I think he's trying to tell us something
What do you mean I'm hogging all the air?
try to find what doesn't belong in this fridge.....you're right if you said Miller Light.
I think we solved the mice in the water cooler problem.
All right, who's getting in the pool with me? Anyone? Anyone?

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